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Switch proxy of IE, Firefox, Opera and more
Different network connections do often require completely different proxy server settings and it's a real pain to change them manually.
With Easy Net Switch, you can switch different proxy servers for your IE, Firefox and Opera, you don't need to remenber all your proxy server addresses, it will be saved into the profile by Easy Net Switch, and applied with a single click.
Easy Net Switch also provides a system tray icon menu, you can use it to change your proxy settings at any time. You don't need to re-open your IE to take effect, all the proxy changes will be worked instantly "on the fly".
Please also consider following typical advantages of Easy Net Switch.
It can do more than normal proxy switch tools.
Unlike other proxy switch tool, Easy Net Switch is actually a network setting switcher. It enables you to save more than the proxy settings into the profile. You can switch the IP address setting, default printer, drive mappings, email client, dial up, VPN setting, hosts file, shared folders and much more together with the proxy by one click.
It's more efficient than other network switch tools when you only want to change the proxy settings.
As a network setting switcher, Easy Net Switch is also unique. It's flexible. You can create a profile which can only contain proxy settings. Which means, you can use it as a pure proxy switch tool as you want. You can only find this in Easy Net Switch. In other network switch tool, you have to change the IP address and other settings when you actually only want to change the proxy server.
With the Easy Net Switch, connect to the network is easy! Why not try it yourself?

Easy Net Switch enables you to use your computer at different locations more easier. With Easy Net Switch, you can change your IP address, MAC address, proxy server for both IE and FireFox, network drive mapping, default printer, shared folder and much more instantly with only one button click! It is fast and easy, it enables you to connect to the different networks "on the fly". Easy Net Switch also includes a set of tools like Ping and Trace route, which are useful when diagnose your network connections.
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