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Switch Default Printer
If you have more than one printers installed in your computer, you may benefit from using Easy Net Switch.
Using default printer to print documents is more convenient and efficient than selecting printer everytime from the drop down printer list of print dialog, but we know that Windows only allow one printer as default printer in the computer. To change one printer to the default printer, people have to open the Control Panel each time and find the desired printer, then set it as the default one.
Why waste time when there has a better solution?
Easy Net Switch can create location profiles which contain different default printers. By switching between profiles, you can quickly and easily switch the default printer by one single click!
You can also view your current default printer and all the printers list by Easy Net Switch. It's really faster compare with viewing it from the Control Panel.
The most wonderful thing is, Easy Net Switch can switch not only the default printer but also the IP address, proxy server, drive mapping, hosts file, time zone and much more within the one profile. You can switch your whole network settings with one button click!
With the Easy Net Switch, connect to the network is easy! Try it now, see how it will save your time and energy.

Easy Net Switch enables you to use your computer at different locations more easier. With Easy Net Switch, you can change your IP address, MAC address, proxy server for both IE and FireFox, network drive mapping, default printer, shared folder and much more instantly with only one button click! It is fast and easy, it enables you to connect to the different networks "on the fly". Easy Net Switch also includes a set of tools like Ping and Trace route, which are useful when diagnose your network connections.
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