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Easy Net Switch™

Connect your computer to the different networks easily!

Easy Net Switch enables you to create and manage network location profiles. Network profile stores all the network and Internet settings that are needed. By switching net profiles, you can connect to a network easily and quickly.

Why not let Easy Net Switch handles network settings for you? It's easy and will save your time!




For example:
You are using DHCP-enabled network at your office with company's proxy and printer, a static IP address at home with direct Internet connection and your own local printer.
Every time you connect to a network you have to change all of these settings manually. But it would be a thousand times easier to store two profiles "office" and "home". With a click of the button, Easy Net Switch can do all of these settings for you "on the fly".



Feature Overview
User Interface
Support all version of Windows from 10 to XP
Windows familiar GUI
System tray icon with IP snapshot function
Different icon for each profile
Ability to use your own icons for the profiles
Can create profile shortcut on the desktop directly
Can add password protection to selected profiles only
Support global password protection for creating, editing all profiles
Support command Line mode
Profile history list
Extensive manual and help
Profile activation progress
Show profiles in groups
Right mouse popup menu
Buildin tools and utilities with easy to use GUI
DKInfo™ engine to show IP address information on your desktop
IPConfig - display IP network settings
Ping - test network connection
Trace route - test network connection
Quick refresh DHCP IP address
Quick restart selected network adapter
Quick view current open connections of UDP and TCP
Quick view current IE proxy
Quick view current printer list
Quick view current network driver mappings
Quick view current shared folders including hidden administrative shares
Save the current system information into text file
Backup and share Windows Wi-Fi configuration easily
Allow none admin user to change the IP address
Default IP address before user login to the Windows
Ability to capture current system configuration
IP addresses, default gateways, DNS servers and WINS servers
Wi-Fi settings (Support Auth and Encryption like: Open, Shared, WPA, WPA2, WEP, TKIP, AES)
Support 802.1X authnication for Wi-Fi settings
Enable or disable network adapters
Multiple network adapters supported
Change MAC address
DNS and connection suffix
NetBIOS setting
Flush DNS resolver cache
Proxy and homepage settings for IE, FireFox and Opera
Network driver mappings
Default printer
IP forward table, add or delete routes
Set screen resolution
Set sound volume
Dial up selected dial-up or VPN connection
Set default dial-up connection
Set default dial-up rule
Lauch the VPN application
Set default email client
Set account profile for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
Dynamic SMTP server
Shared folder with different access permission
Windows firewall
Windows Hosts file
Switch membership of Workgroup
Quick INI files modification
Set time zone
Modify system environment variables
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Easy Net Switch
Windows 10/8/7/Vista/2000/XP
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