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Easy Net Switch enables you to use your computer at different network more easier. It is a powerful and easy to use program which stores network and Internet configuration settings into location profiles. It enables you to automatically select the correct IP settings, drive mappings, printer settings and much more with a single click.

By switching between location profiles, you can quickly and easily connect to a network without having to manually re-configure settings or restart the computer each time.

Each location profile can be easily configured with the settings for your network, which contain IP address, drive mappings, printer, proxy, dial-up & VPN, share folders and much more.

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What is Easy Net Switch™?

Let's show you an example:

Assume you are using DHCP-enabled network at your office, and a static IP-address assigned to your network card at home or at any other place. You also use different printer and IE proxy settings in different location. A shared folder is used when you at home to exchange the files between your laptop and your home computer, but you have to disable this shared folder when you at office to keep your laptop more security.
Every time you connect to a network you have to change all of these settings manually. But it would a thousand times easier to store two profiles (called "office" and "home") in Easy Net Switch. With a click of the activate button, Easy Net Switch can do all of these configurations for you automatically!

Why choose Easy Net Switch™?

Do you use your computer in more than one place with different IP address or proxy server, drive mapping, printer etc?

Do you travel a lot and need to config your computer in each place manually every time?

Are you a smart and "lazy" person :) ?

Please try Easy Net Switch, it maybe the right tool that you are looking for!

Please also consider following advantages of Easy Net Switch.