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Easy Net Switch offers a set of options for customizing the application.

To open the option dialog, please click the at the top of main window.


Start Easy Net Switch with windows, select check box to enable Easy Net Switch start up automatically with Windows loading.

Minimize to system tray icon when click close button, select check box to allow Easy Net Switch minimizes to system tray icon instead exit appliction when click close button.

Show profile comments when pauses the mouse over it , select check box to view the profile's commects as a hint when pause mouse pointer over the profile in the main window.

Close result dialog automatically after activation finisthed, select check box will auto close the activation result dialog when profile activation finished, otherwise, the dialog will keep open until you click Main Window or Close button. The activation result dialog is:

When double click the profile icon:

Choose double click action between Open profile editing window (default) and Activate selected profile, when you double click the profile icon in the Profiles page.

Windows WiFi service

Start Windows buildin WiFi service when needed. Windows XP SP2 and above (including Windows Vista) has buildin service to manage the WiFi network adapters, but it may be stopped by the other WiFi management tools. To use the WiFi function of Easy Net Switch, you must enable the Windows buildin WiFi service. If this option checked, when activate the profile which has WiFi settings, Easy Net Switch will check if the service is running and try to start it if not. Otherwise, the WiFi settings cannot be applied.

Allow Force WiFi Adapter Selection. Some adapters may not be recognised by Easy Net Switch due to the incompatible drivers. If Easy Net Switch reports the selected adapter (in the Network component) is not a WiFi adapter, but you are sure it is, you are allowed to force Easy Net Switch to modify it's wireless settings by enableing this option. Please note, we recommend you to use this option only when you are sure the selected adapter is a stander Wi-Fi network adpter, and you have checked all the settings in Wireless Settings chapter before.