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Network TCP/IP

This component lets you set up IP, gateway, DNS and WINS address. You can also set up DNS suffix, MAC (or physical) address, NetBIOS, flush DNS resolver and network adapter state in this component. If multiple network adapters are present, you can configure TCP/IP settings for each of them individually.

Select network adapter first, then specify TCP/IP settings for selected network adapter. Leave the checkbox in uncheck state means ignore this adapter when activate the profile. You can apply different TCP/IP settings for different adapters in one profile by check the checkbox of desired network adapters.


Advanced setting:

Advanced settings are not always needed, if you don’t want to adjust them, leave it blank. Contact your network administrator for the detail information.

This page allows you to input the WINS server address.

This page allows you to input NetBIOS setting and DNS suffix for selected connection only (also known as DNS domain).

This page allows you to change the MAC address of selected network adapter. Check the checkbox to enable this function. If you want to restore the original MAC address, please click the Original address button or just leave the input field blank.

This page contains the settings which will affect all the IP connections in your computer. you can input multiple DNS suffixes (use “;” to separate) for all the TCP/IP connections. Or use flush DNS resovler cache to help you to prevent problems by ensuring no old or cached DNS value are used by the system.

Note: The DNS value in your Hosts file can not be flushed directly, you need to remove them manually or let Easy Net Switch do it for you by using the Hosts component.

Note: Only network cards that conform with the Windows network driver specifications are supported.