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Besides profile switch function, Easy Net Switch offers a set of free diagnostic utilities to check status of a network and help you solve network problems.

The available tools in this Tools page including:

Trace route (tracert)
DHCP IP address refresh (renew IP)
Reset network connection (restart network adapter)

Test network connectivity

Input IP address or host name first, then click Ping or Trace Route button to do the test. You can also select the times of echo request here.

Network adapter operation

Select network adapter from the adapter list first, then choose the operation as below.

Click Renew IP to initial a request to DHCP server to update the IP address, only avaliable when adatper is in DHCP mode. This operation will take some time for the slow network.

Click Reset to restart selected network adapter. Which means first disable then enable again selected network adapter. This operation is useful when trouble shooting network connection problems.