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Creating Profile

To create a new profile.

  1. On the Profiles page, click the . The new profile dialog opens.

  2. In the new profile dialog, you can input the profile name, comments and icon. Click the OK button to create profile and close this dialog.

  3. A confirm dialog will show up as below to ask if you want to edit the profile now. We recommend selecting Yes button.
    Otherwise, the profile is an empty profile and doesn't contain any components.

    You can edit this profile later by click .
  4. Select needed components for this profile.

    Click Capture selected components task can automatically pick up the settings that are currently in used on your computer (you can also capture the settings of each components separately later). Click Capture Basic Components task can select and import all the basic components' settings. Click Remove All Components task can un-select all the components.

    After you done, click Setting > button to continue.
  5. Depends on components selected in step 4, you can set all the parameter values required for each of selected components (parameter values maybe already auto-configured if you clicked "capture" related task in step 4).
  6. Note: If you choose Network TCP/IP component, you need to manually select desired network adapters by check the select box at the begining of connection names, network adapters in unchecked state will be ignored when activate this profile. Please refer to the example figure below:

  7. After configuration, click Save button to finish, or Cancel to discard changes.

Note: Select only needed components instead of all components can make the profile activation more efficiency.