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Easy Net Switch Easy Net Switch version 6.7.0

File Type: MSI Install Package
File Size: 1.49MB

System Requirments: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000




Easy Net Switch version History
Overview of the main improvements in each version:
Version 6.7.0
- Add password protection for creating new profile
- Add global password protection for editiong and importing/exporting profiles
Version 6.6.0
- Support latest version of Opera
- Ability to add password protection for selected profiles
Version 6.5.1
- Now work with Windows 7
- Ability to add or delete routes (IP forward table)
- Ability to popup the balloon hint when IP address changed
- Ability to choose the apperance of Desktop Information
- Ability to show IP forward table (route table) and active connections
- Support Opera 10
- Fix the issue of cannot save the desktop information settings
- Fix some IP address issue under Vista and Win 7.
Version 6.4.4 ~ 6.4.6
Minor upgrade
- Fixe the wrong network adapter number displayed in the detail log.
Version 6.4.3
- Fixed the delay response issue when close the program if there are over 1000 location profiles.
Version 6.4.2
- Fixed the VPN name incorrect problem
- Added timeout option for VPN connection
Version 6.4.1
- Added screen resolution and sound volume support
- Added smart card opiton in 802.1X authnication for Wi-Fi settings under Vista
- Ability to display the name of last activated profile on the desktop wallpaper
- Ability to use the customized icons for the profiles, click here to read more
- Option to run silent or display the main window when starting with Windows
- Some minor bugs fixed
Version 6.3
- Improve the Wi-Fi network adapter recognition under Vista.
- Fix the shared folders, and IP address display issue in status view.
- Other minimal bugs fixed.
Version 6.2
- Add show profiles in groups feature to allow orgnize the profiles in group. (click the More button, select Manage Groups. Or view the help manual for detail.)
- Fix the firewall compenent under Windows XP SP3.
Version 6.1
- Add 802.1X authnication support for Wi-Fi connections.
- Fix the fake static default gateway address after switch to DHCP under Windows Vista.
- Fix the Wi-Fi connection WEP index problem.
Version 6.0

Main improvements:
- Full WiFi support based on Windows native API for Windows XP and Vista.
Support WiFi settings like SSID, Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, TKIP, AES etc.

- Ability to share the Windows buildin (WZC) Wireless settings easily.
- Modify the IP address to pre-defined addresses before user login to the Windows.
- New GUI with speed improvement.
- Improve the system status view interface.
- Display issue when using the large size font has been fixed.
- User name "anyone" now works under both English and none-English Windows.
- Expand string issue for Envirement component has been fixed.
- The installer of Easy Net Switch has been improved.
- Performance improved.

Version 5.3
- Support both Firefox and Opera for each profile
- Support INI file modification
- Minor performance improvement.
Version 5.2
- Fix the issue sometimes old mapping drive letter can not be removed in Windows Vista
Version 5.1

- Support static DNS addresses when using DHCP IP addresses.
- Auto update IP address list in Ping and Trace route tool.
- Minor performance improvement.

Version 5.0

- All new user interface, easier to use!
- Desktop Information now use connection name instead of adapter name
- Ability to monitor the network media connection state in Status page
- New feature, auto-close activation result dialog (in Options dialog)

Version 4.11
- Easy Net Switch now works on Windows Vista, Windows XP and 2000.
- Does not require administrative privileges or "Run as administrator" even for the limited user.
- Fully compatible with UAC (User Account Control), not even trigger UAC dialog in Vista.
- Support Windows workgroup switch.
- New profile activation engine build by native Windows API, it's more stable and faster.
- Performance optimizations.
- Known bugs fixed.
- General enhancements made throughout the program.
Version 3.20
-Improve the disconnect net drive mapping funciton, the disconnected driver letter will be removed.
-Add the "fq" paramenter, after activated profile by desktop shortcut, you can add this paramenter to auto-close Easy Net Switch.
-Add the name checking routine when try to rename the profile to prevent the desired name already exists.
-FireFox proxy setting is default enabled now.
-Other minor improvements.
Version 3.11
- Add support of creating profile desktop shortcut, please read help for more information.
- Add support of IP Shapshot function (click middle mouse button on the tray icon to view).
- Improve the Run component, now can choose "Pause until closed" option even for external application has paramenters.
Version 3.0
- Add support of NetBIOS setting, advanced setting in TCP/IP.
- Add support of Flush DNS resolver cache after profile activation, advanced setting in TCP/IP.
- Improve the printer choosing function to handle the system without printer installed.
- Improve the Desktop Information, the IP address information can now be automatically updated when IP address changed.
- Add update user account option at the connection dialog when activate a profile contains network drive mapping with expired user password.



Free software - System share tool

A free tool can be integrated into Easy Net Switch to enable or disable hidden administrative shares such as ADMIN$, C$, D$... .

Type: ZIP file. Size: 167KB.

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