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A Network Profiles Manager
Do you change your IP address, default gateway and DNS server address frequently?
Do you offen forget the IP address, default gateway, DNS, WINS and other network settings?
Easy Net Switch can help you to change all these settings and much more with only one button click.
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Easy Net Switch is a network profile manager, or network settings manager.
With Easy Net Switch you no longer need to input desired IP address, gateway and DNS address manully each time.
Easy Net Switch stores your network and Internet configurations into different network profiles (or network location profiles). It will auto apply these settings when you activate the net profiles.

Network profile contains not only IP addresses, but also other network related settings.

  • Network settings (IP addresses, DNS, gateway)
  • Web browser's proxy settings
  • Network drive mappings
  • Default printer
  • SMTP-server for email client
  • and many more

As a network switcher, Easy Net Switch can also switch the proxy server (for both IE , Firefox and Opera), default printer, network drive mappings, hosts file, VPN settings , MAC address and more.

With the flexible design of network profiles, Easy Net Switch is not only an IP switcher, but also a proxy switcher, default printer switcher, drive mapping switcher ...

Compare with other IP profile switch tool, Easy Net Switch can create network profiles which only contains component(s) you want.
For example, you can create profiles only change your proxy server address or only map the network drivers. When you activate these profiles, you can quickly switch between different proxy servers without modification on your IP address and other settings.
This makes Easy Net Switch more efficient than others when activating profiles.

See what our customer wrote to us:

"... During my work, I always need to switch between different proxy settings. I will disable proxy to connect internal website, and enable different proxys to connect Internet website. Easy Net Switch is the ONLY switch tool I found can create proxy only profile for me! It's really fast, thank you for your amazing tool! ... ------ Kevin Kissis"
Connect to the network is easy!

Easy Net Switch as a network profiles manager, it enables you to use your computer at different locations easily. With Easy Net Switch, you can change your IP address, MAC address, proxy server for both IE and FireFox, network drive mapping, default printer, shared folder and much more instantly with only one button click! It is fast and easy, it enables you to connect to the different networks "on the fly". Easy Net Switch also includes a set of tools like Ping and Trace route, which are useful when diagnose your network connections.
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